Thursday, 16 January 2014

Spring term

Night and Day

Our theme this term is Plants and Animals. Over the next fortnight we will be studying 'Night and Day'. We will be learning about nocturnal animals and the features of these animals. We will also be looking at natural and man-made light sources and investigating where light sources appear more/less bright.

Suggested activities to carry out at home.

Nocturnal Animals.

Research a nocturnal animal of your choice and learn about where it lives, what it likes to eat and what it looks like. Create your own information sheet.

Name and Sort Light Sources.

Look for pictures of different light sources and sort them into two groups, 'Man-made light' or 'Natural light' source.

2D Shape Picture

Create a picture of a nocturnal animal using 2D shapes.

Night and Day Walk.

Ask a grown-up to go on a walk with you during different times of the day, for example morning, afternoon and evening and observe/discuss the different sources of light.

Books related to the topic which you can read/discuss at home-

Owl Babies

The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark
Peace At Last
Can't You Sleep Little Bear?

Dydd a Nos

Ein thema y tymor yma yw Planhigion ac Anifeiliaid. Yn ystod y bythefnos nesaf byddwn yn astudio 'Dydd a Nos'. Byddwn yn dysgu am anifeiliaid nosol a'u nodweddion. Yn ogystal, edrychwn ar olau naturiol a golau sydd wedi cael ei greu gan ddyn gan ymchwilio i ble mae ffynonellau golau yn ymddangos yn fwy/llai llachar.

Awgrymiadau ar gyfer gweithgareddau i'w cwblhau adref

Anifeiliaid Nosol.

Ymchwiliwch i anifail nosol o'ch dewis. Ymchwiliwch ble mae'n byw, beth mae'n hoffi bwyta a sut mae'n edrych? Creuwch dudalen wybodaeth am yr anifail nosol.

Enwch a didolwch ffynonellau golau

Chwiliwch am luniau o wahanol ffynonellau golau a didolwch nhw i ddau grwp, 'Golau a greuwyd gan ddyn' neu 'Olau naturiol'

Llun gan ddefnyddio siapau 2D

Creuwch lun o anifail nosol gan ddefnyddio siapau 2D.

Taith gerdded Dydd a Nos

Gofynnwch i oedolyn fynd ar daith gyda chi ar wahanol adegau yn ystod y dydd, er enghraifft, bore, prynhawn, amser te a sylwch a thrafodwch y gwahanol ffynonellau o olau.

Llyfrau y gallwch ddarllen a thrafod adref yn seiliedig ar y thema.

Owl Babies

The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark
Peace At Last / Heddwch o'r Diwedd
Can't You Sleep Little Bear? / Methu Cysgu wyt ti Arth Bach